What is Activity Adaptive Streaming (ASS)


What is Activity Adaptive Streaming (ASS) and how to use it in the VAST/ST7501 software?


The Activity Adaptive Streaming is a feature in VIVOTEK devices that reduces the number of frames captured by the device when there are no changes in the image. This helps to lower the device’s workload and reduce the size of the recorded videos.


We recommend using this feature only in environments where there is minimal movement and where detailed recording or streaming is not required. To set up this function, please follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Navigate to the camera Recording Page to set up adaptive recording.


Step 2. Click the Save button to save your settings.

Step 3. Go to the advanced Audio and Video page for the device. To do so, click Advanced Mode option after you selected the Audio and Video page to view additional settings.


Step 4. Place a checkmark next to Enable Time Shift Caching Stream.

Step 5. Select the stream you wish to record; this stream will then be cached.

Step 6. Once finished, click on the Save button to save these settings.


Step 7. Add the device to ST7501/VAST’s device list.

Step 8. Navigate to Recording Settings.

Step 9. Set the recording stream to the one you previously selected for caching.

Step 10. Enable the Activity Adaptive Stream feature.


Step 11. Go to the Recording Schedule settings for the device. Then, set the Recording Mode to Continuous and click Apply to save these settings.


Note: During normal monitoring, when only recognizable images are necessary, the frame rate will be set to 1 fps to reduce bandwidth usage. In event-triggered situations, the frame rate will increase to a higher level, such as 30 fps, to allow for smooth, high-quality video feeds.

Last Update: April 10, 2024  

April 10, 2024 22 Mark Scarberry  Vivotek
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