Syncing the Bluetooth Dongle to the SMART Board


The following guide is meant for teachers who have one of two issues with their SMART Board:

  1. If your SMART Board is not responding to touch while trying to use the Bluetooth dongle (aka Bluetooth Key)
  2. If the Bluetooth dongle has been moved to a different SMART Board or USB Port

The steps listed below will create a new Bluetooth connection from the dongle to your SMART board.


1. Place the Bluetooth dongle into the usb port in the computer with the SMART Notebook software installed.

2. Press and hold in the button on the Bluetooth dongle until the light starts flashing green.

3. Then immediately go to the SMART Board where its Bluetooth device is installed on the lower right back side of the board and press and hold the black (Sync) button until it starts flashing green then release it.

4. Wait about a minute and then the lights on the Bluetooth dongle and the Board will turn red.

5. Wait another minute and the lights will go from red to solid green.

6. This is what we are aiming for: all the lights should be solid green. The light on the front of the Board should turn solid green too.

7. Sync is now complete!

TIP: Sometimes the computer is too far from the board for it to sync up. You might have to take a laptop that has the SMART Board software installed on it closer to the board and sync the Bluetooth dongle in the laptop. Once the Bluetooth dongle is synced you can remove it from the laptop and place it in the teacher computer. (The Bluetooth dongle is what needs to be synced. It doesn’t matter what computer is used to do the syncing.)

If the Board still will not connect, do this:

1. If for some reason the light on the front of the Board goes off you will need to press and release the blue reset button.

2. Repeat the above steps.

Last Update: November 19, 2018  

August 31, 2017 1402 Mark Scarberry  SmartBoard
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