Switching Between Pen and Computer Modes on an Epson BrightLink 695WI Projector

On the Epson BrightLink (EB) 695wi projector, switching between pen mode (where the projector’s drawing tools can be accessed) and computer mode (utilize the display as a computer) is accomplished by clicking on the arrow on the side of the board from which you last opened the toolbar (either left or right side of the display).  If the pen is showing, it means the display is in pen mode, in order to transition to computer mode, you must first make sure the USB converter is plugged in to the Ethernet cable coming from the wall and to a USB port in your computer, and then click on the display that shows the mouse and computer (see image below).

Last Update: December 19, 2019  

December 16, 2019 454 Kara Porter  Epson Board  
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