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The following procedure will differ slightly depending on if you are using your own personal computer or if you are using a school-issued laptop.  This is a temporary solution and is only available if you are outside of the school network. These directions assume you are using the Microsoft EDGE browser.  What you see in the pictures below will be different if you are using Chrome.


Step 1

Open a web browser and click this link or go to

This will open a new window and download a small program.

Click Save when the download starts.  DO NOT choose Run.











Step 2

Click Open Folder



Step 3

Right click on SplashtopSOS and select Run as Administrator  DO NOT double click on the file.

If you are on a personal computer the next image will not show up and you can skip to Step 4.

If you are on a county-owned computer you will receive a prompt as in the picture above.

You need to type .\administrator for the username and type the password the technician gives you.


Step 4

Click Yes


Step 5

Provide Code to Help Desk Technician

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