is your Wayne County iPad locked to a previous teacher’s AppleID?

This will only work with devices that can and have been enrolled in DEP Devices purchased through a 3rd party retailer or prior to 2011 cannot be recovered this way and will require a call to apple and a proof of purchase.

If a Wayne County Device that has been enrolled in DEP (Device Enrollment Program) has been locked to another person’s Apple Id you can bypass this by using iTunes to factory reset the iPad.  This can be accomplished by turning the iPad off, then holding the home button and plugging the iPad into the computer.  Continue holding the home button until you see the screen below.  Once you see the screen below you may release the home button and go through the steps in iTunes to restore your iPad (removing all settings and content).  After iTunes downloads the newest iOS and restores it to you device it should behave as though it has been factory reset and you man continue configuring it using the guide for iPad Setup: Method 1 and starting just after the factory reset step.





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October 4, 2016 1229 Joseph Bias  Apple  
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