iPad Setup (Method One: Devices Purchased through Apple since 2011)

NOTE:  The iPads you are using must have been purchased from Apple by the county.  If they were donated or purchased someplace like Walmart then these instructions will not work!

NOTE:  Apple and Intune have dropped support for all iPads that are not running IOS 10 or above.  You may still attempt to set up one that is on IOS 9.3+ but they may no longer work correctly or receive software!

DO NOT TRY THIS ON A DEVICE THAT HAS NOT BEEN IMPORTED BY THE TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT (Your school should have sent a list of serial numbers to facilitate this).

If you are setting up new iPads the technology department has to enter the iPads serial numbers into our system before the following instructions will work.

Configuring your Classroom iPad: 

You should update your iPad to the newest available IOS before attempting.

 Method One: Factory Resetting Devices (all content is wiped, this is the preferred method). If you need something on this iPad such as data or pictures you must back it up as it will all be erased in the next step! 

Go to settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Then Confirm Erasure (twice).


lf you receive a message that looks like the picture below then someone is signed into Itunes on this device.  You must Sign Out of Itunes to be able to continue.

First, connect to the wireless SSID MobileDeviceSetup as per the instructions below then proceed to Settings > Itunes & App Store > Click on the Apple ID > then click Sign Out.


If you didn’t receive an error go on to the next line below.  If you received the above error you should now try to do an Erase All Content and Settings again and it should now work.

Your iPad should now reboot and begin resetting. It should then boot to the First Time Setup Dialog. 

Swipe past the hello screen and join the MobileDeviceSetup network using the password listed below.

Please check with the help desk when you attempt to set up IPADS as the passwords may change without notice.



Once you’ve joined your iPad should configure itself. You’ll need to press next when asked.

applewcswillconfigappleretrieveconfig   appleinstallingconfigapplewaitingfinalconfig

Your iPad should now be configured.


Your iPad should now be configured.  Unfortunately, this new system is rather slow at the setup process.  After completing the above steps, leave the Ipad on and connected to MobileDeviceSetup until it switches over to MobileDevices.  This may take 24 hours or longer!  Restarting the iPad may make this go faster and it may not.  Once the device has finished getting the initial policies it will switch to the appropriate wireless network (MobileDevices) which is different from the one used during setup.  If you try to switch to the MobileDevices SSID yourself and it asks for a name and password, please click cancel or dismiss and ensure you connect back to MobileDeivceSetup and get a checkmark beside the SSID.

NOTE:  You will not have internet access until the iPad switches itself over to MobileDevices.  

Last Update: December 10, 2019  

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