Computer Names

All computers in the Wayne County school system have to be named according to our naming scheme.

Computers are named a certain way for multiple reasons some of which are listed below.

Computers are named for the school, room, type, and number.  These computers are named for the room that they are in and MUST NOT BE MOVED BY TEACHERS.  The computers are assigned to the room, NOT the teacher.  We have this scheme in place for the following reasons.

  1. To provide remote support.  We connect to your pc by the pc name which is the room number you are in.
  2. We assign printers to computers based on the location to the room that they are in.
  3. We assign policies to certain computers based on their name or room number.
  4. We assign software to certain computers based on their name and room number.
  5. We use the computer number when we have to work on a computer and if it is not in the room it is assigned to this causes delays in fixing the machine as we will not be able to find it.
  6. If there is a virus infection and we can’t connect to the machine remotely, we need to be able to find the machine which should be in the room that is it named for.
  7. If the state complains about a machine in our schools, we have to be able to quickly find it to fix it or remove it from the network.
  8. We have to be able to determine student machines from teachers machines so that the teachers files do not get wiped out during upgrades or windows reloads.

Naming Scheme examples. Replace WHS with your schools 3 or 4 digit id.  Use all capital letters!


Normal PC  WHS-ROOM#-01, 02, 03, etc

Normal Room Laptop  WHS-ROOM#-LT-01, 02, 03, etc

SmartBoard Laptop  WHS-ROOM#-SB-LT

SmartBoard Desktop WHS-ROOM#-SB-01

SmartBoard Laptop  WHS-ROOM#-EB-LT  – New Epson projector without smart board

Cart Laptops  WHS-CART#-01, 02, 03, etc

Teachers pc (not smartboard pc) WHS-ROOM#-TD

Teacher Laptop (not smartboard laptop) WHS-ROOM#-LT-TD 

If there are no room numbers then you can name the machine like this




Replace room# with the number of course do not put # in it. Examples below.




LT is used to show the machine is a laptop.

TD is used to show the machine is at the teachers desk and is a teacher machine.

SB-LT are assumed to be a teacher machine.

If you have any questions call before you start naming machines.  This is very important in our new setup.

If you have named one wrong, just sign in to the computer as your sysop account and change it.

Click on Start, RIGHT click on This PC (ComputerName), click on properties, click on change settings on the right side of the screen, then click on the Change button and change the name in the top box. DO NOT put the name in the description box.


Last Update: September 22, 2017  

August 31, 2016 1400 Mark Scarberry  SysOps  
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