Internet Filtering Changes

During the Thanksgiving holiday week, we have removed the filter company provided by the state (GoGuardian) and moved to the newer LightSpeed product for web filtering for our county.  You should no longer see your browser reopen when you close it and the restrictions for Google-owned websites (mainly in the Chrome browser) like have also been removed.  This also allows us once again to allow and block access to videos on YouTube.

There will also be a new option for all teachers to be able to monitor and interact with the students in their classroom.

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I have worked in the computer repair field since the early '90s. I was a technician and then Coordinator of Computer Repair for Regional Education Service Agency II (RESA 2) for 18 years. I currently work for Wayne County Schools as a Network Engineer/Technology Specialist. I am responsible for the schools' Internet access, Wi-Fi, networks, servers, laptops, desktops, and operating systems and software.

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