GoGuardian – The states new Internet filter

As I am sure everyone has noticed, the state has switched to a new vendor to “filter the internet”.  This new vendor is causing a lot of issues for us.  We currently have issues with IPADS, Promethean Boards, YouTube, Google Chrome, Secure Browsers used for testing, and web browsers in general.  Users are currently unable to access certain websites such as Gmail.com when using Google Chrome as well as some other oddities due to the way this new company has things set up.  Due to these issues, Google Chrome has temporarily been removed from our software center as it has more issues than Edge with the new filters.  Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser at the present time.

Due to the way the new filters work we are currently unable to unblock or whitelist any videos on YouTube.  You either have access to it or you don’t.  The new filters also seem to be slowing down web browsing and locking up browsers as well as making some users unable to close a browser once it has been launched.  Anyone using a secure browser like the WVSecureBrowser should restart the computer and DO NOT LAUNCH either Edge or Chrome once you sign back in.  We have been working on this issue for weeks and are still working with the vendor but not making any progress at the current time.

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I have worked in the computer repair field since the early '90s. I was a technician and then Coordinator of Computer Repair for Regional Education Service Agency II (RESA 2) for 18 years. I currently work for Wayne County Schools as a Network Engineer/Technology Specialist. I am responsible for the schools' Internet access, Wi-Fi, networks, servers, laptops, desktops, and operating systems and software.

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