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YouTube is currently blocked. Since the state changed how YouTube is filtered multiple counties in the state have not been able to get the new way to filter YouTube to work without interfering with other websites like Google, School Funds Online, and Chase. We have chosen to disable this until we can get the filtering to work. If you have content created around using YouTube you will need to create something else as we cannot unblock this without it being filtered. Due to how this solution effects are machines, we are unable to work on this issue during the day without interfering with normal web browsing in the county but we will continue to work on this issue as time allows.

Please note that access to YouTube is no different than any other website as it is not required for any course and may be blocked at any time as it contains pornography, drug use, and violence as well as other restricted content.

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I have worked in the computer repair field since the early '90s. I was a technician and then Coordinator of Computer Repair for Regional Education Service Agency II (RESA 2) for 18 years. I currently work for Wayne County Schools as a Network Engineer/Technology Specialist. I am responsible for the schools' Internet access, Wi-Fi, networks, servers, laptops, desktops, and operating systems and software.

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    1. Mark Scarberry

      Please be aware that this is a state wide issue. We are working on the problem and have been able to restore access to YouTube with the states new filter however, this access restricts content to only videos that have been classified as educational. The states new setup therefor only allows access to a very small group of videos. Possibly less than 2% of the videos available. We are testing a way for teachers to bypass a lot of these restrictions just for YouTube by signing in with their account. There will be a news post here with a knowledge base article to explain how to use this when it is ready.


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