Windows 10 1803 Update

The tech department has started installing the latest update to Windows 10 on all laptops and desktops in the county. This upgrade is more complicated than the ones we have done in the past due to changes we have to make to our environment this year. With this update, we are moving away from our mapped S drives for both students and teachers. We will be replacing that feature with Microsoft Onedrive which comes with 1 Terabyte of storage for all of our users and will allow you to access any files you save on your Onedrive from home. We have also changed everyone’s login account to their Microsoft Office email as their user account. We have had a problem with Microsoft Office not being able to be installed on some machines because of the upgrade. If you do not have Office installed or something looks wrong with your machine, please enter a work order and we will address it. You will notice a new lock screen with the numbers 1803 on it when your machine has been updated. Please report any machines that have a red screen that lasts more than a day as these red screens indicate an error has occurred during the upgrade.

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I have worked in the computer repair field since the early '90s. I was a technician and then Coordinator of Computer Repair for Regional Education Service Agency II (RESA 2) for 18 years. I currently work for Wayne County Schools as a Network Engineer/Technology Specialist. I am responsible for the schools' Internet access, Wi-Fi, networks, servers, laptops, desktops, and operating systems and software.

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