Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 403, status ‘Forbidden’


A couple of days ago I had reports of software stuck at 0% while downloading in Microsoft Software Center. While checking the DataTransferService.log of a machine that was unable to download software from Software Center I came across the following errors. Failed with code 0x87d0027e Error retrieving manifest (0x87d0027e)

A search of the internet didn’t turn up an exact match to the 403 forbidden error related to SCCM.


It turns out that I had a couple of SCCM Distribution Points that were having the same problem. All of these servers just happened to have had WordPress recently installed. During the install, Microsoft URL Rewrite Module 2.0 was installed which turned out to be what was causing the error. Luckily the solution was really simple.

Load IIS Manager, expand Sites, then expand Default Web Site. Click on SMS_DP_SMSPKG$ then in the center of the screen double click on URL Rewrite.

You will see something like the picture below. You need to click on the rewrite rule to highlight it, then click on the Remove button on the right side of the screen. Next click on SMS_DP_SMSSIG$ and repeat the above steps.

Congratulations! Your Distribution Point should now be working again.

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